Enhance sound in your car: buy new car speakers

This is the only significant way to boost and enhance the sound quality. The improvement in sound quality will make your travel a wonderful one.

There may be differences in the sound inside your car as compared with your home stereo. You should take a keen observation to identify it. Who doesn’t want the same effect everywhere and every time?  Definitely, the place and time is not a matter of concern.

Also feeling the effect of live music is such another great feel and pleasure. To experience it, the perfect thing to do is to fix new speakers to liven up your car rides.

To feel the dramatic experience, add new speakers to your vehicle. It will enhance the quality of sound to the music you listen and will let you experience a different feel. Technicians of the audio industry suggest, “Upgrading a new sound system will improve the complete quality of your car. Because manufactures are not experts in sound system or an audio engineers. They do not take much effort and care how the audio system in the car sounds. They are only concerned about the gas mileage and others. Manufacturers prefer the speakers at the end. Hence upgrading a new speaker sound system could be the best alternative to your car. You can experience the fullest audio quality with the completion of up gradation process.

But when you began the up-gradation and installation process, you might not know to choose from the variety of car speakers.

Car speaker options

With fixing new sound systems, higher sound fidelity and clarity can be achieved. When the distortion decreases the quality of music is increased. Hence you will never be bored or tired of listening to music.

All that you need to identify from yourself is to know what type of music you like. Cook says customers must decide the type of sound they like. Ears are different and distinct for every individual. A music that sounds pleasant to one person may sound horrible to another. So know your preferences, likes, and dislikes before you fix the sound system.

When your preferences shortlisted, you will definitely have more choices for car speakers. You can make selection from dozens of manufacturers.

  • Models
  • Sizes and
  • power levels to choose from.

There are three types of car speakers.

  • Full range speakers,
  • Component speakers and
  • Coaxial speakers.
  • Full range speakers:

Comes with a tweeter

Tweeter produces high-pitched sounds

Woofer produces low-pitched sounds.

Available in several different sizes.

  • Component speakers

Come with separate tweeters and woofers.

Provides a more detailed sound

  • Coaxial speakers

They come with a tweeter and driver.

Chose the speaker

  • Decide on the quantity, a least of two for the small vehicle and 32 for a large and luxury vehicle.
  • You can also add a subwoofer to boost the sound.
  • Subwoofers reproduce low bass frequencies
  • Fixed with new speakers or added to existing car speakers.

Cost for new speakers

  • When considering the costs, the skies could be the limit.
  • An up gradation of the speakers can cost $100 to several  $1000. This depends on the scope of work and speaker type.
  • Yet the sub-woofer costs a least of $37.
  • Columbus Car Audio & Accessories sells a subwoofer package.
  • It includes an amplifier and an enclosure for $299.